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Coconut Exporters in India

THE SOUTH (INDIA) TRADING COMPANY The SOUTH (India) Trading Company started its business as coconut suppliers and coconut fiber few years back with a vision to provide the local community an opportunity of gainful employment. Management team of East (India) Trading Company were from agriculture family and well versed in agric products. The Compny owns 50 acres of coconuts thope [3500 coconut trees] and around 500 acres of coconut thope exist in our area. The Company have 100’s of acres for annual lease and 5000 coconut trees for annual rate contract. Hence we are exporting coconuts regularly to various parts of India throughout the year.

K P Quality Exports

K P Quality Exporter is a South (India) Trading Company. K P Quality Exporter mainly dealing with coconut products (Husked). The Company can supply fresh coconuts of Indian origin for any demanded products quantity at a competitive rate regularly. The Company is well known for whole sale suppliers and exporters of fresh coconuts and coconut products. The Company have all grades of coconuts in all maturities, we can supply to various parts of India as well as abroad. The Company can supply up to One million coconuts per month. The Company have also high quality export coconuts of circumference 12 inches and above. We invite the local buyers from all over India. We provide different sizes of coconuts.

Coconut Exporter

in India, Coconut Supplier in India

World top 10 countries by Coconut Production is Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Viet Nam, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, United Republic of Tanzania

Husked Coconuts Specification (HS Code = 08011990)

Our Form Pollachi Fresh Coconuts all 90% Organic

✔ Coconut Weight : 550 grams

✔ Coconut Size : 12 to 15 inch

✔ Coconut Packaging :25 nuts /14 and 15.5 kg per bag

✔ Coconut Color : Export Brown Color Coconut

✔ Self Life : 55 to 65 days

✔ Delivery: 15 days after conforming the Order

Free On Board (FOB) Prices of Coconut USD 524.49.
for more details Coconut Specification Sheet